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Koparo devices allow you to see inside your swing. The Koparo forceplates show weight transfer and with a modular system design additional measuring devices are being introduced soon.
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Your swing locker can hold hundreds of swings. This allows you to track your progress or if you are an aspiring athlete you can show of your form to potential sponsors. Koparo is your training journey.


Video and force data are automatically captured in Koparo enabled bays and pushed straight to your swing locker


Your pro can login from anywhere to monitor your progress and be able to give you advice between lessons


You can look at swings from professional athletes or your friends to compare with your own swings

Some of our fans

Head Professional

Aran Wainwright

I can see this being everywhere. I have made some changes to my own swing after using Koparo and my students can understand what I am explaining when I show the forces generated

Head of Proshop

Paul Moss

I have seen the development of Koparo all the way through and it is encouraging to see people lined up 3 or 4 deep to use the system. I use it myself and now understand my own swing better

8 Handicapper

Ian Stringfellow

Koparo showed me insights into my swing that my coach had been explaining for years. It was as if the art of coaching and the science blended into one

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